Priorities of our Customer Care

Modified on Mon, 18 Sep 2023 at 01:53 PM

When you submit a request relating to a question/incident/problem via our portal, you can indicate what priority you think this request has.

We then use the Service Level Agreement (SLA) and our standard operating procedure to estimate this priority and adjust it if necessary.

In doing so, we maintain the following guidelines:


If you have a question about a general functionality, such as how to create a report or set a variable, your question will fall under 'Low' priority. This means that we will provide an initial response within two working days and then answer the question in consultation.


This priority includes all questions related to an incident/problem for which an alternative working method is available or issues that - in our opinion - have little impact on the ability to use the product.

We address such a query within one day.


If there are issues that have a significant negative impact, they fall under the 'High' category. These are problems that make it impossible for some of the users to work or an incident/problem of a recurring nature.

For these problems, we will respond within eight hours and try to provide you with a solution as soon as possible.


When working is completely impossible for users of the product, this is a problem with priority 'Urgent'. This is the case, for example, when a wiki, learning or development environment is completely unavailable.

For these problems, we will send out an initial response within four hours and provide a solution within a day.

Please note!
  • The priorities 'High' and 'Urgent' will predominantly only be used with customers who have specific SLA agreements with Courseware.
  • For a number of products, we also depend on the supplier's input to reach a solution. We always try to give your problem or incident the desired priority with the supplier as well.

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